The Norma Conquests

After being in prison for 16 years, Norma Desmond is accepted into the work-release program.

The Norma Conquests is a trio of related one-act plays: The Three Faces of Norma, My Fair Norma, and The Importance of Being Norma. Each is a parody/sequel to the film Sunset Blvd., and in each play Norma Desmond works at, and tries to keep, a different job. All three one-acts are set in 1967.

Casts: 5m, 4 f; 4m, 3f; 3m, 3f. TOTAL: NINE actors (5 males, 4 females.)
Set: 3 sets, one for each one-act
32 pages, 34 pages, and 45 pages

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  1. Mark McKerracher says:

    I hate proving I’m human just in case I’m wrong!

    Good website Rom. Could you send me a PDF or doc of the Norma Conquests? I think I’m ready to approach a producer here if that is ok.

    Everything I know about opera came From Bugs Bunny!


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