My Body of Work (with Photos!)

By Rom Watson
c. December 28, 2015

I’m trying to include more photographs in my blog articles, so below are photos of my main body of work: six full-length plays.  (I’ve also written 16 short plays, but I’m not going to photograph them all.  You’re welcome.)

Here’s a photo of my latest full-length play, Lying Beneath the Surface.  It’s a murder mystery, and takes place in a future Los Angeles where a portion of the population has mutated into monsters.













Here’s a photograph of Pinocchio in the Bronx, my modern-day adaptation of the famous story by Carlo Collodi.













Here’s a photograph of my first full-length play, Manifesto of Silence.













This play is all about enemas.  Yes, it’s a comedy.













This one is The Norma Conquests, my unauthorized parody of the film Sunset Blvd.













Here’s my drama about religion.  It’s also a murder mystery, and I think it’s my best work.













Because Image and Likeness is my best play, I’m including extra photos of it.





























As you can see, I am not a visual artist.  Photographs of my work do nothing to indicate the content.  In order for people to appreciate my work, they have to actually read it.

However, in the age of the Internet, information has become much more visually oriented and many people no longer want to spend time reading.

How do I make my work more visual?

Perhaps I could turn some of my plays into graphic novels.  (If anyone reading this knows any artists who create artwork for graphic novels, please have them contact me.)

However, a play is a blueprint for an experience that happens in real time in front of an audience.  Plays are designed to be seen on a stage.  So the best way to make my plays more visual is to produce them.

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3 Responses to My Body of Work (with Photos!)

  1. Debbie Richman says:

    Hi Rom!

    Lucas and I live in Bangor, ME, where we have a wonderful theatre, called the Penobscot Theatre. Check them out on line. See if you think it would be a place that could produce any of your plays and I will be happy to submit them for you!

    • admin says:

      Debbie, thanks for the recommendation. I researched Penobscot Theatre Company, and they produce mostly known, established plays. When they do produce a world premiere, they prefer plays written by Maine playwrights about Maine characters and settings. (Such as One Blue Tarp, and Hair Frenzy, both by Travis G. Baker.) They used to produce Northern Writes, an annual festival of new plays, but they seem to have discontinued that after 2013. Thanks though, for the offer; I really appreciate that.
      Take care, and my best regards to Lucas.

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